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Our excellent team of therapists have the most advanced training in their respective specialty areas, are dedicated to continuing education and acquiring advanced pediatric skills.


We focus on integrating the participation of parents and we understand the great importance of forming partnerships with the families we serve.


Our objective is to diagnose and comprehensively deal with difficulties from a perspective of speech and language, considering multidimensional aspects such as memory, comprehension, vocabulary, discrimination, phonological processing, sequencing and organization.


We are available to provide screening services in private schools, day care centers and pediatrician's offices.

Ask your pediatrician for a referral for evaluation!

With our evaluation we can determine if your child is performing at a level appropriate for his or her age or if he or she could benefit from therapy services.

Play Pals LLC

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What areas will we evaluate of your child:
Expressive language
Receptive language
Auditory language processing
Oral motor function
Pragmatic language (social)
Development delays
Speech and language services
Evaluations and therapy
Disorders related to autism speech
Sensory therapy
Feeding (Feeding Therapy)
Thick Motor
Fine Motor
Motor Coordination
Personal care
Visual coordination
Play Pals LLC
If we find an area of ​​concern, a comprehensive assessment of speech and language will be recommended. We have experience in bilingual children. However, there is no obligation to proceed with the services.
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